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Hussain could be Found and Known if…

WikiHussain is a collaborative online encyclopedia which brings together available resources from around the world to provide the most reliable collection of information on the web on the topic of the third Imam, Hussain ibn Ali. The organization initially kicked off in spring 2016 in Persian. During 2018, English section of WikiHussain took its first steps towards answering main searched questions and key words about Imam Hussain on the net.

Our Campaign Story

We, as a young Shia team, have decided to change the misrepresented face of Imam Hussain on the Internet by launching an online encyclopaedia called “WikiHussain”. WikiHussain is a free online encyclopaedia that provides scholarly and reliable entries in different languages for all users. A handful of Shia history university professors, Shia scholars, Ashura scholars and expert translators are helping us with the project so that we publish correct and trustworthy content. We need your help in empowering the English section so that we can generate free documented information about Imam Hussain in English.
With your help, we hope to not leave any question about Imam Hussain unanswered.

Letters to Us


I am Ali from London. I am a Muslim and studying Psychology here. Every year during Muhrram, I face questions from my friends about Imam Hussain and when I want to explain the Battle of Karbala according to available texts on the Internet, I cannot find the reliable and accurate ones.

Could you please help me to empower the available data?


I am Klara from New York. I saw Shia rituals on the street for someone whose name is Hussain. When I searched, I could not find detailed information about him and his life.

Can you help me to know more about Hussain?


I am a Shia Muslim in Malaysia. I have an eight-year-old daughter.

As it is forbidden to mourn for Imam Hussain here, I do not get enough opportunity to pass on the Shia perspective about the Battle of Karbala to my daughter. Moreover, there isn’t enough content on the Internet. What should I do in this situation?


I am Zeinab from Paris. My 12-year-old son searched about Ashura on the Internet last week and faced warning about sensitive content.

Do you have any solution for the next generation of Shia around the world to find out true results about Imam Hussain & the Battle of Karbala?


We are a young group of Imam Hussain lovers who want to spread his name through reliable content around the world through the Internet.

Would you like to be a part of us?


Do you have any interest in promoting Hussain Ibn Ali’s name to people around the world?

If yes, we have a reasonable way here.

I am Abbas Ibn Ali from Karbala. I was there in the Battle of Karbala. I gave my life for my brother, Hussain, and for the truth.

I had nothing more to sacrifice. Support him if you can…

I am Habib from the Battle of Karbala. I spent my entire life for Ahl al-Bayt and was finally martyred on Ashura. I was 90 when I participated in the Battle of Karbala. How old are you? How many years of your life have you dedicated to the Prophet and his family?

I am Hurr Ibn Yazid. Do you know me? I was against Hussain Ibn Ali at first. But, when I became aware of his rightness, I joined his army. Do you believe in his legitimacy? So, join us and associate with him!

I am Zeinab, daughter of Ali and Fatemeh and Hussain’s sister. I was imprisoned after Ashura. I attempted to spread my brother’s message to people in Shaam. However, there are many people around the world who have not heard his message. Would you like to aid me in spreading his message today?

I am Hussain Ibn Ali. Is there anyone to associate with me?

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